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Bharat Yatra 2014

Satguru Swami Baba Narayan Bhajan Sahib's Yatra to India in June-July 2014.

6th Warsi Maha Utsav of Baba Shiv Bhajan Sahib

6th Warsi Maha Utsav of Satguru Swami Baba Shiv Bhajan Sahib was celebrated at Pujiya Shree Samadha Ashram, Shikarpur by Satguru Baba Narayan Bhajan Sahib and Sangat.


Parvachan by Satguru Swami Baba Narayan Bhajan Sahib and Satguru Baba Shiv Bhajan Sahib

Warsi Sahib Baba Gobind Bhajan Sahib

Warsi Sahib of Satguru Swami Baba Gobind Bhajan Sahib is to be celebrated at Pujiya Shree Samadha Ashram, Shikarpur, Sindh, Shikarpur on 14, 15, 16 Oct, 2014.

Pujiya Shree Samadha Ashram, Shikarpur

Shree Samadha Ashram is an ancient place in Sindh, Pakistan and is situated in the city of Shikarpur. The city of Shikarpur has been blessed with many saints and suifs and hence is well known as city of saints. Samadha Ashram is situated over Cremation Ground (a graveyard where Hindus cremenate their departed bodies)in Shikarpur. The famous poet 'Sami' also belongs to Shikarpur. Meaning of Samadha Ashram: The word Samadha is combination two words. 'Sam' and 'Aadh'. Sam means 'to surrender' and aadh means 'Lord'. Hence, Samadha means to surrender yourself to God.

Baba Har Bhajan Sahib

First Patshahi [1796 - 1853]
Baba Sain always helped poor and needy persons and guided people through Satsung that is how to come on the route of truth and praying of God.

Baba Ram Bhajan Sahib

Second Patshahi [1853 - 1903]
Sain Baba lived a very simple life and continuously chanted the name of Parmatma, and never cared about their physical health.

Baba Roop Bhajan Sahib

Third Patshahi [1903 - 1916]
The great Lord blessed Darya Shah and quoted that anyone who takes bath here will get relief of his disease and sorrow.

Baba Kishen Bhajan Sahib

Fourth Patshahi [1916 - 1929]
Sain Baba blessed Dewan Thakur Das and Mata Jethi Bai with five sons and promised her that He will return as one of those.

Baba Gobind Bhajan Sahib

Fifth Patshahi [1929 - 1951]
On His birth in the year 1881, his father Dewan Veeru Mal and mother were so happy as if they were blessed with all the happiness of the world.

Baba Shiv Bhajan Sahib

Sixth Patshahi [1951 - 2008]
When the Brahmin Astrologer checked the horoscope, they found that this child has infact some enlighented soul that has come in the form of a human.

Baba Narayan Bhajan Sahib

Seventh Patshahi [2008 - Present]
Hazoori Roop Suhina Satguru Baba Narayan Bhajan is the present Gadhi-nasheen of Pujiya Shree Samadha Ashram. Sain Baba was born to Dewan Narayan Das in January 1990.

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